Annie Mack


Annie Mack, Team Mobilization Lead

Annie joined RHB as a Team Mobilization Lead in August 2020. As a gifted project manager, Annie keeps your work moving from start to finish. Before joining RHB, she managed the Cummins in-house graphic design team. In addition to her expertise in graphic design and branding, she has an affinity for organization, process improvement and resourcefulness: She has a Green Belt Six Sigma certification and completed five projects that led to cost savings and process improvements while at Cummins. An Indiana native, Annie earned a bachelor’s degree from Franklin College (IN) with majors in French and Journalism. Annie comes from a family of educators and even worked as a substitute teacher after college, so she is excited to join an industry that propels education. In her free time, she loves snuggling with adoptable felines at a local cat rescue, making things with yarn and glitter and baking desserts.

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