Get to know the experts at RHB.

We are creative, energetic, spirited and committed to giving our clients our best. We’re also dog lovers, foodies, green thumbs and trivia fiends. We read avidly, learn constantly and think strategically. At any given moment, at least three of us are probably in the midst of a home renovation, two of us are perfecting a recipe and all of us are using our collective intelligence to help great causes succeed. Let’s meet.

Tamara J. Bailey

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Waterson


Alex Williams

Vice President for Marketing Integration

Rob Zinkan

Vice President

Alisa Chambers

Designer and Front-End Developer

Jaci McGrew

Account Service Manager

Grace Zanolini

Financial Administrator

Dom Rozzi

Senior Integration Consultant

Megan Miller

Senior Integration Consultant

Bryce Kunkel

Slate Consultant

Gail Straus

Senior Counsel

Joyce Luy


Daniel J. Saracino


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