Executive Counsel

“When searching for a partner to lead the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy, RHB stood out from the crowd. Their laser focus on authentic truth-telling brought clarity to our mission, elevated our unique value to higher education, and revealed the soft spots we needed to address. In finding this ‘coherence,’ we transcended the creation of slick marketing materials and were fundamentally transformed as an organization ready to maximize our contribution to the world.”

Jonathan D. Purvis, CFRE

Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Butler University

Our executive counsel team advises institutions on consequential, systemic, enterprise-wide decisions.

Strategic Planning

Our recent study analyzing more than 100 active strategic plans revealed that higher ed strategic plans are not always strategic. RHB guides your institution toward a constituent-centered orientation to this important work so that you can plot out a clear, compelling map of your institution’s future through truly strategic goals and positive, active responses from your constituents.

DEIB Analysis and Planning

RHB’s strategic planning study revealed that the most common priorities involved the creation of a more inclusive and welcoming institution. Our expertise can be applied to DEIB-specific or institution-wide strategic plans, creating strategies to meet your DEIB aspirations across the entire span of your operations. You can rely on our counsel during the development and execution of plans and afterward as you reflect on your progress.

Branded Curricula/Signature Experiences

Building on market research, RHB works with your faculty and staff to develop distinctive and marketable experiences and curricula. Shaped by your mission and vision, RHB engages clients in thoughtful dialog to arrive at student journeys that set you apart from peers.

Leadership Development and Board Relations

RHB has advised presidents, boards of trustees and cabinets across a wide range of institutions, equipping them to confidently navigate consequential periods in their history and lead in ways that coherently reflect their goals and aspirations. Whether it’s concern about achieving revenue goals, success in leadership transitions, interest in new opportunities for expansion, or clarity about market position, our board relations work can help rally your institution’s highest levels of leadership around the initiatives that will enable your great cause to succeed.

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