Enrollment Management

“Working with RHB greatly increases our Division’s bandwidth. The creative, personalized attention, and insight into enrollment management is unparalleled—Fairfield University is thrilled to have RHB as a strategic partner.”

Corry Unis

Vice President for Enrollment Management at Fairfield University

Enrollment success is measured not by inquiries and applications, but by the students who choose your institution, first as new students and then—again and again—as continuing students moving equitably toward graduation. Whether you are recruiting into an undergraduate, graduate or professional program, RHB supports your institution’s enrollment success at every phase of the student journey, from discovery to degree.

What differentiates RHB is that we leverage our combined expertise in enrollment management, marketing, creativity and technology to offer counsel, strategy and implementation.

Discovery to Deposit

The key to enrolling a healthy class—be they first-years, transfers or graduate students of any age—starts with progressively building awareness of and affinity for your institution with consistency, clarity and coherence throughout the entire recruitment process.

Deposit to Day One

A coordinated, integrated and—above all—coherent approach to student onboarding helps reduce melt and fosters a stronger sense of belonging in the students you have worked so hard to recruit.

Day One to Degree

Does your institution resemble the place your students chose when they said “yes” to your offer of admission? Do your students all have an equitable shot at graduating from your institution not only on time, but also with a sense of belonging, enjoyment and fulfillment while they are enrolled? Are your institution’s behaviors—across all departments and divisions—aligned around the values your institution expresses? Coherence happens—and student success follows—when your institution can say “yes” to all of these questions.

Professional Empowerment

From one-on-one coaching to small-group workshops to training sessions for communities, RHB can empower your institution’s most important resource—your people—to become advocates for your institution who are more effective and informed by best practices.

Our enrollment expertise is here to advance your institution.

Let’s get to work.