When we’re not actively solving marketing challenges in higher ed, we’re thinking about them.

And writing about them. And reading about them. And talking about them. Collected here are our insights and resources into all things related to higher education marketing, including white papers, presentations, videos, audio files, worksheets and the RHBlog.

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Making your investment in Slate portals pay off

February 24, 2021

written by Megan Miller

A few weeks ago, a user posted to the r/ApplyingToCollege subreddit asking fellow Redditors which schools’ application portals stood out, and the responses were exactly what you’d expect from Reddit: a blend of useful insights and brutal honesty, all seasoned with a heavy dose of attitude. (By the way, if you aren’t monitoring r/ApplyingToCollege, you’re…Read more

Virtual Research, Real-Life Meaning

written by Aimee Hosemann

As part of our continued research and discovery efforts, we’ve been holding virtual Circles of Influence for clients, via Zoom. Circles is a proprietary research method that is a variation on the idea of a focus group in which a pivotal student tells the story of their journey at a college or university through their…Read more

From the Rise of the CMO to the Reach of the CMO

February 15, 2021

written by Rob Zinkan

This article previously appeared in Inside Higher Ed and it is posted here with permission of the author.   What an unbelievable year. Marketers and communicators, you should be commended for your critical work, leadership and ingenuity in service to your institutions and their many audiences. Now as marketing leaders responsible for navigating continuing change,…Read more

Rick Bailey Serves Love on Servant Marketer Podcast

February 11, 2021

written by Sam Waterson

On Dec. 9, 2020, RHB principal Rick Bailey joined Jenny Petty, Director of Enrollment Marketing at the University of Wyoming (soon to be Vice President for Marketing at the University of Montana) and host of The Servant Marketer podcast. In the Season One finale, Rick and Jenny discuss falling in love with our customers, delivering…Read more

Slate and the LEGO Rexplorer: The Art of the Expert Build

written by Alex Williams

My seven-year-old put it on my desk just to the right of my laptop. It has been there for about two weeks—Rex’s Rexplorer—occupying a prominent spot on display and in my mind throughout my workday.  If you don’t have young kids and you aren’t a kid at heart, Rex’s Rexplorer is a battle vehicle from…Read more

Transcript: Build a Better Instance with RHB: Configurable Joins “Setting the Foundation: Configurable Joins Concepts and Basics”

written by Megan Miller

“Give yourself permission to experiment, to be patient, to take your time and to think about the same work you’ve been doing, but in a new way.” Sound like music to your overworked ears? That bit of wisdom comes from RHB Slate Integration Consultant John Michael Cuccia. He, along with RHB Senior Integration Consultants Megan…Read more

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