When we’re not actively solving higher education challenges, we’re thinking about them.

And writing about them. And reading about them. And talking about them. Collected here are the insights and resources that we’ve developed to help inspire colleges and universities toward greater relevance, including blog posts, white papers, presentations, videos and worksheets.

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Seattle University Student Success Implementation

June 14, 2024

Seattle University was tasked with the design and build out of Slate for Student Success to bolster internal processes for current students while streamlining the general experience. Previously on multiple systems, the institution sought counsel on how to consolidate their technology stack into a simplified system while maintaining (and exceeding) feature parity. Already leveraging Technolutions…Read more

From portals to print: How RHB created a coherent, functional and inspiring journey for prospective Auburn students

June 13, 2024

Two years into RHB’s engagement with Auburn University, the admissions team approached us with a desire to ensure that the entire prospective student journey–from registering for a campus visit to applying for admission and enrolling–coherently reflected RHB’s findings from our Circles of Influence research, the recommendations from our audit of their current marketing messages (Coherence…Read more

A Meditation on Possibility: RHB’s Annual Summer Reading List

June 6, 2024

written by Aimee Hosemann

What is possible? RHB’s summer reading recommendations derive from a variety of genres and themes. But, they share one feature: a meditation on possibility. What is possible if we have faith, if we imagine, if we fall in love, if we follow a trail through history in pursuit of a life’s story or to solve…Read more

Preparing for AI in Slate and Beyond

May 28, 2024

written by Erin Gore

Oh no, the robots are coming! Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence–and not the Terminator kind. AI isn’t new, but we’re experiencing the mass adoption of generative AI in our jobs and in our everyday lives–including higher education CRMs. Some features announced during the 2023 Technolutions Slate Summit included the…Read more

Why—and How—Marketers Should Receive Feedback as a Gift

May 17, 2024

written by Rob Zinkan

This article previously appeared in Inside Higher Ed and it is posted here with permission of the author. Spend any time on LinkedIn and you’re sure to encounter a mini-rant from a marketer admonishing nonmarketers to stay in their lane and bemoaning the perceived lack of respect for marketing’s expertise. The post usually contains some version of…Read more

Face the Future with Organizational Clarity: Building Capability with The RHB 3-5 Design

May 14, 2024

written by Aimee Hosemann

The RHB team frequently receives questions from higher education marketing and communications leaders about what structural and effectiveness trends we observe from our perspective across the sector. Leaders ask us about everything from high-level strategy to the shape of organizational charts and all the way down to tactical questions about working more effectively: How do…Read more

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