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How to Make a Difference by May 1st: Customer Experience and Deposit Pages Revisited for 2018

March 20, 2018

written by Alisa Chambers

In the middle of the twentieth century, American psychologist Abraham Maslow developed his famous Hierarchy of Needs. This paradigm, structured as a pyramid, says that humans’ physiological needs must be met before all other potential needs. That is, in order to experience happiness or, at the very top of the pyramid, “self-actualization,” a human must…Read more

The 5Ws of Slate Implementation for Colleges and Universities

March 16, 2018

written by Alex Williams

Implementing any new tool on campus can be a daunting task. The team. The timeline. The configuration. The misconfiguration. The reconfiguration. A lot goes into getting a system up-and-running. While many institutions focus exclusively on the “how,” taking the time to think about all five of the Ws (Who? What? Where? When? Why? And then, how?) can help you execute implementation more efficiently and effectively. Substantive research and discovery through the 5Ws enables a team to take a more holistic view of the project prior to implementation. Indeed, approaching implementation like a research project and breaking these questions down at institutional, departmental and individual levels can pay dividends in getting the “how” of the project off to a fantastic start…Read more

Knowledge is power, but power can be knowledge, too

March 5, 2018

written by Amy Mallory-Kani

Traditionally, colleges and universities have communicated with prospects by illustrating that they offer something powerful that can quite literally change the course of your life. And that “something” is knowledge, expertise and the ability to apply those elements to careers, graduate study or to life more generally. Put differently, colleges and universities often (rightly) believe that they empower students to think, create or act in ways that they may have never imagined. But what happens if students are already empowered?…Read more

Using your CRM to own prospect relationships

February 14, 2018

written by Sam Waterson

Many firms close the gap between client and student by keeping the implementation and measurement on the vendor side. An example of this is traditional (they wouldn’t describe themselves this way) student search firms. A campaign is developed, a list is purchased, search is deployed, inquiries are gathered and returned to the institution. These are billion-dollar firms that close the gap between implementation and measurement by keeping it all on the vendor side. Yet, this simply creates a different gap and new resource overlap: the vendor is now an avatar of your institution and the interaction with the student has left the purview of the institution. The vendor sits between you and the student. How to close this gap?…Read more

Aligning Position, Product, Delivery, and Message: Are You Student-Ready?

January 30, 2018

written by Amy Mallory-Kani

It has become commonplace to discuss whether prospective students are “college-ready,” especially in terms of academic preparation. But, are American colleges today “student-ready,” that is, prepared to meet the academic and social needs of rapidly changing demographics ? Prospective students and parents expect to see institutions promoting their “academic excellence.”  But what, exactly, does this mean? Terms like these, while they look good on paper, are empty of content. That is, they fail to fully articulate a differentiated market position (and they do little to address the specifics of student-learning)…Read more

The Best Recipe for Success in Higher Ed: Equal Parts Resilience and Innovation

January 24, 2018

written by Rick Bailey

Can your institution hang on for seven more years? Most-if any-growth will occur because you are offering something more than what you are doing now. The alternatives: you might consider what it could mean NOT to grow or what it might mean to get smaller in ways that allow you to improve quality in some way or shape your incoming class differently. If you are not planning in ways that match the reality of population shifts, you are not planning well…Read More

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