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What Your President Expects: Insights for Higher Ed Marketers

April 18, 2018

written by Rick Bailey

As a marketer in the higher ed arena, you have multiple challenges and an array of clients who need (and sometimes demand) your intelligent solutions to keep your institution afloat. It’s your president, however, who likely needs you most. From our research and experience with more than 130 colleges and universities, we offer the following suggestions of what she expects of you…Read more

How to Make Your Upcoming Board Meeting a Success

April 5, 2018

written by Rick Bailey

Besides the fact that my wife and business partner Tammy is a trustee of our alma mater, I can always tell when it’s board meeting season. Our clients hunker down a bit and you can often hear the tension in their voices. With good reason. Board meetings can be tense. You’re preparing to put your…Read more

Using Slate Reports to Prepare for Board Meetings

April 3, 2018

written by Alex Williams

Spring has sprung. High schoolers are tweeting offers of acceptance. Current college students are on break. If you don’t live in the Northeast, flowers are blooming. And…board meetings are on the horizon! As you prepare for those meetings, you’re likely thinking about the various data points you’ll want to discuss and how you will incorporate…Read more

Translating Customer Experience to Meaningful Marketing: The Value of Interpretation

March 27, 2018

written by Sam Waterson

Although the discipline of CX is relatively new, modern undergraduate residential education has been—by definition—a  manufactured customer experience. Every aspect is designed and oriented toward intended outcome. Where a student lives, the curriculum, the accoutrements are all created events. The common challenge is how to take the student experience and translate it to specific and compelling messages to prospective students and families. Often, this takes a set of eyes from the outside…Read more

How to Make a Difference by May 1st: Customer Experience and Deposit Pages Revisited for 2018

March 20, 2018

written by Alisa Chambers

In the middle of the twentieth century, American psychologist Abraham Maslow developed his famous Hierarchy of Needs. This paradigm, structured as a pyramid, says that humans’ physiological needs must be met before all other potential needs. That is, in order to experience happiness or, at the very top of the pyramid, “self-actualization,” a human must…Read more

The 5Ws of Slate Implementation for Colleges and Universities

March 16, 2018

written by Alex Williams

Implementing any new tool on campus can be a daunting task. The team. The timeline. The configuration. The misconfiguration. The reconfiguration. A lot goes into getting a system up-and-running. While many institutions focus exclusively on the “how,” taking the time to think about all five of the Ws (Who? What? Where? When? Why? And then, how?) can help you execute implementation more efficiently and effectively. Substantive research and discovery through the 5Ws enables a team to take a more holistic view of the project prior to implementation. Indeed, approaching implementation like a research project and breaking these questions down at institutional, departmental and individual levels can pay dividends in getting the “how” of the project off to a fantastic start…Read more

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