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“Of all the different firms I’ve worked with over the years, RHB stands out for its unique research approach that allowed for the development of a coherent positioning statement and an authentic value proposition that resonates with high school students and families.”

John Haller

Vice President of Enrollment Management at University of Miami

Read about how RHB helped University of Miami with positioning and strategic planning.

RHB offers a spectrum of services that help colleges and universities solve their marketing, advancement and enrollment challenges. From discovery to implementation, our work has enabled clients to increase enrollment, raise revenue and satisfy boards of trustees.

Enrollment Management

Designing experiences and communications that build affinity for your institution at every step of the student journey from prospect through matriculation and ultimately graduation, RHB helps colleges and universities develop teams and strategies to recruit and retain students in ways that ensure coherence with their institutional values.

Executive Counsel

For three decades, RHB has served as expert advisors to presidents, boards of trustees and cabinets, equipping them to confidently navigate consequential periods in the life of an institution and lead enterprise change.

RHB’s Executive Counsel in strategic planning is informed by its recently published book, What Makes a Strategic Plan ‘Strategic’?, with critical findings and lessons from a study of 108 current strategic plans across higher education. Our expertise in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) analysis and planning is foundational to our strategic planning work and is available across our suite of services.

Institutional Marketing

RHB helps institutions identify and own their distinctive market positions and communicate their compelling advantages to create meaningful relationships with their many audiences. RHB is also higher education’s leading authority on marketing and communications organizational design and development.

Slate and Related Technology

CRM serves as the foundation for an integrated constituent journey that can span an entire lifetime. A Platinum Preferred Partner, RHB is the seminal and foremost leader in the application of Technolutions Slate, the fastest-adopted CRM in higher education. Our consulting practice has a footprint in more than 10 percent of all Slate instances, offering best-in-class implementations, diagnostics, audience-centric portals, advanced builds and training.

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