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“I can’t thank you enough for your review and recommendations. You validated some of what we believed, but more importantly you shared new ideas and ways of thinking.”

Kate Ledger

Associate Vice President for Marketing and Outreach, Division of Digital Learning, Old Dominion University

With signature research methodologies to understand the coherence between experience, messaging and brand, RHB helps colleges and universities select an authentic market position and channel institutional behaviors, language and strategies toward that choice. We also work with presidents, VPs and CMOs to transform or evolve their marketing and communications organizations for greater capability and institutional impact.
Circles of Influence

What is true about your institution? In Circles of Influence, RHB’s distinctive approach to internal audience research helps describe with greater specificity the university’s market position, distinction from competitors, constituents’ experiences, and a catalog of the institution’s true claims.

Different from traditional focus groups, Circles of Influence allows us to talk intimately with students, faculty and staff to discover the relationships and experiences that characterize life on campus—in their own words—and unearth deep truths.

Coherence Inventory

What does your institution say is true about itself? The Coherence Inventory is an examination of institution-wide integrated marketing efforts that uncovers potential opportunities to streamline processes, maximize resources and ensure coherence across all communications.

Typically done in conjunction with Circles of Influence, the Coherence Inventory determines if the experiences, stories and vivid descriptors that surfaced during Circles—and reflect your institution best—are evident across your communications.

Competitive Analysis, Audience Surveys and Market Research

What do others believe is true about your institution? RHB designs and implements research instruments that assess your institution’s competitive environment, current audiences and brand awareness and accuracy, while suggesting untapped markets and segments for recruitment and advancement.

As a result, you understand how your institution is perceived by different audiences in the marketplace in comparison to your competitors—and how that perception influences enrollment decisions.

Strategic Marketing Plan Development

Strategic marketing and communications plans include a competitive environmental scan, audience map and recommendations for communications strategies that leverage your institution’s market position.

DEIB Communication Inventory and Analysis

An examination of integrated marketing and communications efforts through a DEIB lens identifies opportunities for institutions to create communications that foster belonging and ensure coherence between institutional messaging and constituent experience.

RHB uses discourse analysis, ethnography and interviewing to analyze how well the text and images in your materials represent your institution’s stated commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, and to discover what your audiences glean from those communications.

We also provide empathetic counsel to suggest the best strategies to tell your story in your distinctive voice.

Future-Ready Organizational Capability Assessment

RHB’s external perspective of your needs and challenges examines successful efforts and uncovers opportunities for improvement and innovation. By addressing organizational strategy, structure, staffing, systems and spend level, the assessment yields better understanding of your current state and clarity around the strategic steps you can take to enhance overall marketing and communications effectiveness.

Leadership Development 

High-performing leaders are always learning, growing and adapting. With a deep understanding of the nuances involved in leading higher education marketing and communications, RHB provides personalized coaching and strategic counsel to enhance the work and impact of leaders and their teams.

Engagement length can vary based on your needs, whether it’s addressing a specific strategic challenge, helping a new marketing leader navigate situational complexities or providing ongoing counsel.

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