Announcements to Begin Our 30th Year

We’re pleased to note that 2021 marks our 30th year as a firm and we anticipate a great year ahead. These news items give us even more confidence for the new year.
First, we are pleased to announce that Sam Waterson, president of RHB, has been invited to ownership of the firm along with the two of us as founders. Sam will celebrate his 20th anniversary with RHB this year and he continues to be a vital colleague, contributing the breadth of his keen insight, skills and expertise to our growth and our services to clients worldwide.
Second, we are happy to announce two vice presidential advances. Alex Williams steps up to a new role as Vice President of Relationship Development and will oversee client relationships across all RHB services in addition to his leadership of our Slate consulting team. Rob Zinkan has been named Vice President for Marketing Leadership to reflect his exemplary work with clients focusing on organizational management, advancement, alumni lifetime relationships and marketing with higher education institutions.
Third, as we continue to grow to serve clients, we are delighted to welcome Sera Radovich to our team as Client Success Coordinator. Sera comes to us from Colorado State University where she advised, recruited and continues to instruct. Additionally, we are pleased to announce the addition of John Michael Cuccia as an RHB Integration Consultant. John Michael joins us from his role as Associate Director for Admission Information Systems at Rice University. Further, Abigail J. Molen, coming from University of Delaware where she served as Assistant Director of Admissions/CRM Administrator, also joins us as Integration Consultant this month. 
We look forward to working with you in 2021.