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John Michael

John Michael Cuccia, Senior Technology Consultant

John Michael joined RHB in January 2021 after four years as Assistant Director and then Associate Director of Admission Information Systems at his alma mater, Rice University in Houston. His team there served as strategic architects for all things Slate for undergraduate admission. Among his accomplishments at Rice include a transition to Committee-Based Evaluation, complete Slate-SIS integration for financial aid and admission processes, custom specialized portal development for many of the project teams in the enrollment division, and expedited implementation of a new Slate instance serving visiting student services. He finds great fulfillment in helping Slate users transform their work to be smarter, more efficient and more effective. John Michael holds a BA in Mathematical Economic Analysis from Rice University and an MA in Teaching with Specialization in Educational Technology from National University. Outside of RHB, John Michael is Senior Program Director and a board member for DeBusk Enrichment Center of Texas, a certified Les Mills RPM instructor, and a proud papa to a 100-lb labradane, Abigail.

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