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Josh Henry, Director of Technology Support and Training

Josh Henry joined RHB as a Senior Integration Consultant in June 2021, after almost four years at Technolutions, serving as a Client Support Engineer and Senior Program Manager. While at Technolutions, he developed expertise using Slate and advising clients on application management, security and permissions, automations, implementation of advancement processes and more. Josh also has 10 years of higher education experience, having worked as an admissions and marketing consultant and Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, an Assistant Director of Admission at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, and an Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission at the College of William and Mary. Passionate about higher education, he has contributed to and held leadership positions in professional organizations including NEACAC and VACRAO. Josh holds an M.A. in Higher Education Administration from Boston College and a B.A. in English and Secondary Education from the College of William and Mary. An avid sports fan, Josh enjoys basketball, soccer (and football), running, yoga and golf—and his three-year-old son has converted him into a fan of Formula 1 racing (or as they call it, “fast cars”).

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