The Journey to Coherence

Each institution’s journey to Coherence is distinct, but the most successful ones are facilitated by a process and methodology that involves four key steps:

Step One

Defining the Destination

We begin each client engagement with a kick-off meeting during which we develop a shared understanding of your goals for your institution, and together define measures of success.

Step Two

Exploring and Discovering

Next, we collaborate with you on answering our three critical questions through Circles of Influence, a Coherence Inventory, market research or other services that meet your specific needs. The intersection of answers to the three critical questions form an authentic evaluation of perceived truth on which to build marketing strategy. For more information about our strategy, you may wish to read this white paper.

Step Three

Mapping a Path

Now we are ready to chart a course that will guide you toward the destination(s) outlined in step one. Part communications standards, part strategic plan, the Coherence Manifest presents the verbal and visual elements that will serve as navigational touchstones in the development of new key messaging and communications.

Step Four

Making the Trip

In this final phase of our journey toward Coherence, we will implement the strategies and creative direction developed in the previous steps. Marketing communication tools will vary depending on the findings, but may include digital or print solutions.

To read the success stories of clients who have undertaken the journey to Coherence, read our case studies.

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