Author: Alex Williams


written by Alex Williams

Just a few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a number of uninterrupted days at the beach with my family. The beach is my favorite spot; it’s always just what I need to disconnect and recharge.  During my time there, in between the boogie boards and boardwalk fries, I found myself in…Read more

Data Governance Versus Data Management

written by Alex Williams

Over the last four years, RHB has engaged hundreds of institutions in their strategic implementation and use of Technolutions Slate. Our activity in this space affords our team a unique vantage point on team structures, procedures and campus politics that often inform (or disinform) a successful build or independent project in Slate. During my first…Read more

Stillness in 2021

written by Alex Williams

At RHB, we find peace and regeneration through Crew Advance, our particular spin on the idea of the corporate retreat. We like to think emphasizing the word “advance” focuses us on working toward what’s next and what’s hopeful. And doing things as a crew allows us to share time together and renew the bonds of…Read more