Imagine Voraciously

Imagine Voraciously Book Cover

When is the last time you let your imagination run free?

Some of us let our imaginations run quite freely, while for others, a slow shamble might be more akin to how our imaginations move. The truth is, even as adults we need a nimble and expansive imagination. Assuming you are one of the vast majority of people who can use their imagination, this book will give you a guide for how to set it free. Inside, you’ll learn about the science of imagination, have opportunities to exercise yours, and read quotes from famously imaginative people–all of which will feed a part of you that often lies dormant in adulthood. And, for higher education professionals, there are special exercises to help you explore getting to know your campus and address challenges in new ways. All readers can use this book as a private imagination diary or as a group workbook with family members, friends or colleagues to unlock your problem-solving skills. Get ready to experience a new enjoyment of life and a greater sense of limitless possibility when you Imagine Voraciously.

The pandemic’s toll on creativity and most good moods inspired Rick to write a book about why now is the best time to stretch your imagination muscles. You can grab a copy by requesting it here. Retail is $24.95, but we know people…

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