When we’re not actively solving higher education challenges, we’re thinking about them.

And writing about them. And reading about them. And talking about them. Collected here are the insights and resources that we’ve developed to help inspire colleges and universities toward greater relevance, including blog posts, white papers, presentations, videos and worksheets.

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Extreme CRM Makeover: Tips for Implementing Slate

February 16, 2022

written by Erin Gore

Have you ever flipped through the channels over the weekend and ended up on HGTV watching home renovation shows? After a few hours you’re full of ideas, inspired to tackle new projects, question the resources you might need, start to feel slightly overwhelmed, and then wonder how you spent THAT much time on a show.…Read more

Tough Times Last, Apparently: Four Ways to Outlast Them

written by Rick Bailey

I’ve heard it said many times (and I think it’s attributed to Robert Shuler, the famous TV pastor of the Crystal Cathedral in California): “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” I think you may join me in raising an eyebrow at that optimism. Apparently, tough times do last. The COVID pandemic is closing in…Read more

Good Power

written by Rick Bailey

I hope I don’t quickly forget the thrill of being in a room with all my colleagues for the first time. The RHB team met in December in Indianapolis for the first time in more than two years. Bear in mind, we’ve added a good share of our team since COVID began. Consequently, this was…Read more

Interest or Intent? Part III: What Is Engagement?

October 26, 2021

written by Megan Miller

Over the past several weeks, Rick Bailey and I have explored the contrast between interest and intent for both our prospect and applicant pools. Rick kicked this off, reminding us that for students, interest and intent are entirely different mindsets; if we’re hoping to better understand our enrollment funnel, equating the two does a fundamental…Read more

Interest or Intent? Part II: Understanding the Journey of Digital

written by Megan Miller

In Part 1 of our series exploring interest versus intent, Rick Bailey discussed the important distinctions between general interest in our institution and an actual intent to take decisive action, be that submitting an application, paying a deposit or matriculating. The inquiry and enrollment processes have shifted significantly over the past decade, and the bulk…Read more

An Introduction to Advancement, Thanks to Slate

written by Josh Henry

My first experience with the day-to-day operations and technology needs of an institutional advancement office came through working with Slate at Technolutions. In 2019, an institution that I worked with through their implementation of Slate for admission made the decision to implement Slate for advancement in their existing database. Despite my strong knowledge of using…Read more

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