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The “Design Squiggle” and Crafting an Experience in Slate

February 14, 2023

written by John Michael Cuccia

Shortly after her start at RHB, my colleague Erin Gore shared with all of us a gnarly-looking illustration: (The Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman, Titled The Design Squiggle, it looks quite a bit like the signatures I saw from students in my prior work in secondary education: adolescents more familiar with the…Read more

Through The Looking-Glass: A Data Sharing Reflection for

February 3, 2023

written by Erin Gore

’Tis the application and decision season for admissions. Your undergraduate admission office may be prepping for the first round of decision release while simultaneously completing applications for the next regular decision round. This is the moment that culminates in learning more about the students you met on the road—their stories, ambitions and desire to invest…Read more

Institutional Strategic Planning and the Under-Leveraged Capability of Advancement

February 2, 2023

written by Rob Zinkan

One objective of RHB’s study of 108 current strategic plans was to bring a constituent-oriented lens to this research. Faculty, staff and administrators play a central role in strategic planning. What about other core constituencies—students, alumni, donors and other stakeholders—and the functional areas responsible for them? For instance, we have previously discussed research implications for…Read more

Relationship-Building and the Intersection of Enrollment, Marketing and Technology

February 1, 2023

written by Rob Zinkan

RHB Vice President for Enrollment Management Ken Anselment, Vice President for Client Technology Erin Gore, Senior Vice President for Relationship Development Alex Williams and Vice President for Marketing Leadership Rob Zinkan recently led a webinar by Bay Path University’s Center for Higher Education Leadership and Innovative Practice (CHELIP). In the webinar, they share guidance and…Read more

Governance Part III: Database Strategy and Progress

January 23, 2023

written by Megan Miller

Senior Technology Consultant Megan Miller concludes this series on Slate Governance. Over the course of my time at RHB, I’ve worked in more than 100 Slate databases. In terms of complexity and functionality, I’ve collaborated on developing everything from straightforward undergraduate admissions instances to Slate databases with hundreds of graduate degrees to systems for K-12…Read more

What’s Next? Approaches to Implementing New Features and Processes in Slate

January 19, 2023

written by Abigail Molen

Senior Technology Consultant Abby Molen outlines a phased approach. The number one question my clients asked after this year’s Slate Summit was, “Where do we start?!” The onslaught of new features and system enhancements can be overwhelming for new and seasoned users, and this year’s list was especially intimidating, with a wide variety of changes…Read more

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