When we’re not actively solving marketing challenges in higher ed, we’re thinking about them.

And writing about them. And reading about them. And talking about them. Collected here are our insights and resources into all things related to higher education marketing, including white papers, presentations, videos, audio files, worksheets and the RHBlog.

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Student Search Reflections

March 8, 2019

written by Jaci McGrew

For decades enrollment offices have followed a distinct cycle and workflow. Student search is just one of those tried and true traditions in higher education marketing. I’ve invested the last twelve years in the admission world, both directly from the trenches in admissions and also from the vendor side. For the past seven years, I’ve…Read more

If Delta Can Do It, So Can You

May 21, 2018

written by Rick Bailey

Teams of recruiters and development officers tell us that high levels of personalization are impossible given all of the demands on their time. We’ve been told that personal notes just cannot be expected when inquiry pools and alumni lists are as large as they are. Taking time for a personal note following a visit or phone conversation or for a hand-written event may, in fact, be the best possible investment you can make…Read more

Your Party Is Not Your Brand

April 30, 2018

written by Rick Bailey

Celebrating marketing and promotional efforts is a rather new phenomenon on college and university campuses. Higher ed has come a long way (at least for those of us in marketing) in adopting the practicality of well-executed marketing efforts. We still see many signs of reticence to jump on board the marketing train, particularly from the…Read more

The Five-Minute Coherence Test

June 22, 2017

written by Rick Bailey

Do you ever play MadLibs, those fill-in-the-blank narratives that can become zany (or sometimes risqué)? Basically, you’re given a scenario that has empty spaces where you fill in your own details. As an example, here’s one that’s particularly relevant for those of you in higher ed…Read more

Why history matters in higher ed marketing.

May 31, 2017

written by Kirk Donlan

If you’re an active reader of RHB Insights, you’re likely familiar with our principle of Coherence and its significant role in the work we do helping colleges and universities succeed. Coherence is all about truthfulness and authenticity in who you are, what you say and what you do. While it can be difficult without the…Read more

The Importance of Delighting Customers: Customer Experience in Higher Education

May 10, 2017

written by Rick Bailey

While the concept of orchestrating customer experiences is not new, the conversation about the design and management of customer experiences in higher education circles has heightened. No doubt, the challenges for developing sustainable models for revenues, enrolling best fit students and engaging relationships with alumni and donors draws attention to the need for exceptional, relationship-building…Read more

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