When we’re not actively solving marketing challenges in higher ed, we’re thinking about them.

And writing about them. And reading about them. And talking about them. Collected here are our insights and resources into all things related to higher education marketing, including white papers, presentations, videos, audio files, worksheets and the RHBlog.

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Reality Gone Virtual: Shifting Campus Events in Uncertain Times

March 10, 2020

written by Megan Miller

As fears of coronavirus dominate the news cycle, universities across the country are forced to contend with many questions on how to operate in the face of a major public health event. Schools are opting to hold classes online, cancel activities, and otherwise limit large gatherings. But at the same time, those of us in…Read more

Texting in Admissions with Technolutions Slate

February 10, 2020

written by Megan Miller

If you’ve been in the world of enrollment management for more than, well, about five minutes, you’re probably aware that texting is a key communications platform for prospective students. It’s also the channel that universities tend to be the least-confident about using for engagement, as enrollment and marketing teams try to determine how and when…Read more

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…Slate

October 9, 2019

written by Alex Williams

Congratulations, you’re getting Slate! You’ve read about it in forums, heard counselors gush over it at fairs, and quietly side-eyed that college down the road as they launched a new app and weirdly celebrated with a Slate-themed cake. Can it really be THAT good? If you’re good to to your Slate instance, the answer from…Read more

Best Practices for Slate Campaigns 2019 Edition

August 20, 2019

written by Megan Miller

Earlier this year, Alex Williams offered advice on how to best leverage Slate’s campaign features. His guidance is worth revisiting as institutions assess opportunities to improve their communications tactics, processes and strategies, especially as they move into a new recruitment cycle. One quality of Technolutions is that it’s constantly changing and evolving. New functionalities roll…Read more

A Guide to the 2019 Slate Innovation Summit

June 12, 2019

written by Alex Williams

This year marks my fifth Slate Innovation Summit. I think that gets me a pin. Five years ago I was just a few months in to working at Technolutions and nervous about meeting my first clients in person (mostly because I was relatively new and didn’t want to be put on the spot to answer…Read more

What to Do When You Can Do Almost Anything in Slate

May 13, 2019

written by Alex Williams

I don’t need to tell you that we live in a world of immediacy. You know it even more if you’re actively working with today’s students (no matter the generation). Often, the immediacy mindset transfers into our professional goals. And so, we need the solution, the module, the email, the portal, the [insert anything and…Read more

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