When we’re not actively solving higher education challenges, we’re thinking about them.

And writing about them. And reading about them. And talking about them. Collected here are the insights and resources that we’ve developed to help inspire colleges and universities toward greater relevance, including blog posts, white papers, presentations, videos and worksheets.

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How Digital Transformation Will Shape Higher Education Practices Post-Post-Pandemic

April 28, 2022

written by Rick Bailey

The pandemic helped us see that the digital transformation of everyday experiences is suitable for achieving what we may have previously regarded as possible primarily in-person. Face-to-face has taken on new meaning as we have identified the power for digital experiences.

Make a Real Statement about Diversity in Tenure-Track Faculty Job Ads

February 17, 2022

written by Aimee Hosemann

Many institutions are ramping up for the spring cycle of faculty hiring. It’s a time of excitement and overwhelm for everyone on all sides of the hiring equation. In a context in which a single tenure-track job ad can harvest 400 or more applicant packages, institutions are asking for greater volume in application materials as…Read more

Tough Times Last, Apparently: Four Ways to Outlast Them

February 16, 2022

written by Rick Bailey

I’ve heard it said many times (and I think it’s attributed to Robert Shuler, the famous TV pastor of the Crystal Cathedral in California): “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” I think you may join me in raising an eyebrow at that optimism. Apparently, tough times do last. The COVID pandemic is closing in…Read more

Good Power

written by Rick Bailey

I hope I don’t quickly forget the thrill of being in a room with all my colleagues for the first time. The RHB team met in December in Indianapolis for the first time in more than two years. Bear in mind, we’ve added a good share of our team since COVID began. Consequently, this was…Read more

Co-Founder and Principal Rick Bailey on “Starter Stories”

September 30, 2021

written by Sam Waterson

Founder of Enrollify Zach Busekrus hosts “Starter Stories” a podcast series telling the stories of founders of leading higher education consulting and professional services. Zach invited Rick Bailey to give the backstage story on the start of RHB. Following is the transcript or you can listen here. Rick Bailey: In the book, was a question.…Read more

Imagine Voraciously Webinar Transcript

August 25, 2021

written by Rick Bailey

Rick Bailey was recently invited to lead a webinar about his recent book, Imagine Voraciously, by Bay Path University’s Center for Higher Education Leadership and Innovative Practice (CHELIP). In the webinar, Rick highlights some of the takeaways from the book and offers insights to encourage your own voracious imagining. You can watch the recording here.…Read more

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