When we’re not actively solving marketing challenges in higher ed, we’re thinking about them.

And writing about them. And reading about them. And talking about them. Collected here are our insights and resources into all things related to higher education marketing, including white papers, presentations, videos, audio files, worksheets and the RHBlog.

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What’s Your Next Big Thing? A Conversation with Higher Ed Marketing Guru Rick Bailey

August 6, 2020

written by Rick Bailey

RHB founder and principal Rick Bailey appeared on the IngenioUs podcast with host Dr. Melissa Morriss-Olson, provost emerita of Bay Path University, on July 27, 2020. ·  ·  · Transcript: Announcer: Hello and welcome to IngenioUs, the podcast where we talk about higher education, innovative practice and leading-edge thinking. Your host is Dr. Melissa Morriss-Olson.…Read more

Four Ways to Think About Trimming Your Budget

written by Rick Bailey

For a period of years, I sported a combover. I was resistant to losing those strands that separated me from baldness. One day, as soon as I sat down in the chair, the stylist grabbed a fistful of long hairs flowing from the right side of my scalp and made two quick scissor snips. It…Read more

What Does “Diversity” Mean?

written by Aimee Hosemann

This is a rough time to be in higher education or working alongside it, which means it is also the right time to keep doing the work. I am going to reflect on “diversity,” a word that covers a potentially massively large territory. All of that space may not be under your purview depending on…Read more

A Conversation on the Future of Higher Ed Marketing

July 27, 2020

written by Rob Zinkan

RHB vice president Rob Zinkan joined the Enrollify Podcast recently for a wide-ranging conversation, covering topics such as the implications of the pandemic on marketing department structures and budgets. A transcript of the episode is below. ·  ·  · Transcript: Zach: Hello, and welcome to the Enrollify Podcast. My name is Zach Busekrus, and I…Read more

What Does Your Org Chart Say About Your Marketing Organization?

June 29, 2020

written by Rob Zinkan

I’ve seen a lot of org charts. At RHB, we have the privilege of working with colleges and universities to help them maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing function. As part of a recent marketing and communications organizational assessment for a large academic college at a public research university, we conducted a competitive…Read more

What COVID-19 Can Do for Us

May 20, 2020

written by Aimee Hosemann

We collected snippets of our own perspectives, rather than write from a single point of view. Our collective ability to see from multiple vantage points is one of our strengths. We hope you will be inspired to look deeper to see which ideas, opportunities or new considerations you can unearth and employ at your own campus.

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