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“I can’t thank you enough for your review and recommendations. You validated some of what we believed, but more importantly you shared new ideas and ways of thinking.”

Kate Ledger

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing, University of Pittsburgh

Is your marketing organization optimally set up for success to advance top institutional priorities and drive results for your college or university? We are experts in organizational development for higher education marketing and communications. RHB delivers services and strategic counsel that can help your institution maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing function on campus.


The organizational assessment invites an external perspective and comprehensive review of your structure, staffing, systems and spend. This review can encompass the marketing and communications efforts across an entire institution, inclusive of both the central team and distributed, unit-level marcomm activities.

An engagement with RHB can enable institutional leaders to answer critical questions about how an outcomes-focused, modern marketing and communications team and operation should be structured, staffed and supported at their college or university.


Determining the right level of marketing investment is an ongoing challenge in higher education and is exacerbated by current budget constraints facing many institutions. You need to ensure the right level of marketing investment to drive outcomes that matter to your institution. We can help through RHB’s marketing budget review. This analysis can include putting your institution in the broader context of higher education by benchmarking against peers and aspirational peers.


We provide customized coaching to marketing leaders (including CMOs, VPs, AVPs and Executive Directors) and other senior leaders, helping them and their teams reach their fullest potential to advance institutional priorities. Engagement length can vary based on the needs of an institution, whether it’s addressing a specific strategic challenge or helping a new marketing leader navigate various organizational and political complexities. High-performing leaders are always learning, growing and adapting. With a deep understanding of the issues and nuances involved in leading higher education marketing and communications, RHB provides personalized coaching and support to enhance the work and impact of leaders and their teams.


Our workshops are focused on accelerating the performance of your institution’s marketing organization. While marketing objectives and goals can vary widely across an institution from unit to unit, we can help you and your marketing colleagues—across all academic units and major offices—see your work through a common lens. Based on RHB’s organizational coherence continuum, workshops serve to unify and clarify the work of marketers and marketing teams throughout an entire college or university.

We are proud to offer the expertise of RHB vice president Dr. Rob Zinkan, who brings over 20 years of experience in higher education administration with senior leadership roles in marketing and advancement.

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