Bring Search In-House


Today’s version of student search requires a great deal of precision, strategy and expertise. RHB will help you develop the strategy and implement the tools required to bring search in-house. What are the advantages to managing search internally? Not only does in-house search yield significant cost savings (our clients typically save as much as 50% in the first year and often more in the second), but it also allows your college or university to track student data more efficiently through data integration and advanced analytics. And, in-house search gives you a much higher degree of control over the process and outcomes. RHB’s expertise in creative development, strategy and implementation of CRMs like Slate and Salesforce can help your institution develop attractive and effective campaigns, strategize about communications flows and implement and maximize your use of technology. RHB can help you creatively develop campaigns, configure them within your instance and implement them strategically in as little as 6 weeks. Read about the success story of one institution’s in-house search here.

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