Strategic Marketing Communication Plans

Need some help charting a path forward for your marketing communication strategies? RHB will develop a strategic plan with you that includes:

  • a 24- or 36-month calendar for recruitment and/or marketing communications,
  • a communication flow strategy for recruitment or fund-raising efforts,
  • audience-focused and evidence-based recommendations regarding the most effective media through which to communicate each of your key messages to its constituents,
  • identification of target markets with personas to illustrate the scope of your communication efforts including written narratives that describe and define the personas,
  • recommendations for action strategies related to marketing communications efforts,
  • an audience map illustrating the scope and scale of your communication efforts to better understand its breadth of internal and external constituents to help you envision who you are targeting and know how to prioritize and make appropriate investments.

As part of this plan, we will also investigate your market competitors to reveal points of differentiation, as well as opportunities for clarifying market position.

Pricing begins at $18,000.

Contact us to schedule an introductory call or to discuss cost estimates.

Let’s make a plan.