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Face the Future with Organizational Clarity: Building Capability with The RHB 3-5 Design

written by Aimee Hosemann

The RHB team frequently receives questions from higher education marketing and communications leaders about what structural and effectiveness trends we observe from our perspective across the sector. Leaders ask us about everything from high-level strategy to the shape of organizational charts and all the way down to tactical questions about working more effectively: How do…Read more

Keep Discussing DEIB in a Challenging Climate

written by Aimee Hosemann

This article previously appeared in Inside Higher Ed and it is posted here with permission of the author. Over the last few years, the work of steering higher ed toward its promise of creating equity and social mobility—including for those who work within it—has only become more difficult in many locations. Conflicts over why—and for…Read more

Build a More Strategic Higher Ed Budget: Advice From Three RHB Experts

written by Amanda Sale

It’s budget-building season and questions abound. Three RHB team members, Dr. Amanda Sale, senior enrollment management consultant, Ken Anselment, vice president for enrollment management, and Dr. Rob Zinkan, vice president for marketing leadership, draw on their extensive higher education experience to provide some helpful tips as you make the difficult decisions that will set the…Read more

Transcript: Emerging Strategic Planning Themes and DEIB Implications

written by Aimee Hosemann

RHB Director of Qualitative Research Aimee Hosemann and Vice President for Marketing Leadership Rob Zinkan led a February 28 webinar as part of the Leading Edge Thinking in Higher Education Series by Bay Path University’s Center for Higher Education Leadership and Innovative Practice (CHELIP). In the webinar, they share RHB’s latest strategic planning research, including…Read more

The Admissions Leadership Podcast: Rick Bailey on the Importance of Coherence

written by Ken Anselment

Earlier this month RHB Founder and Principal Rick Bailey joined host Ken Anslement, RHB Vice President for Enrollment Management, on the Admissions Leadership Podcast (“The ALP”). You can listen to the episode or read the transcript below.  ·  ·  · Transcript Ken Anselment Welcome to the Admissions Leadership Podcast, a series of one-on-one, conversations with…Read more

Why—and How—You Should Do a Communication Inclusion Audit Now

written by Aimee Hosemann

The legislative and judicial landscape around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) has become ever-more contested since that time. We’re republishing this piece to account for this moment in history, in support of institutions who remain committed to DEIB. In the last three years, the already hard work of steering higher ed toward its promise…Read more

Your Institution Is Only Distinctive if Others Take Notice

written by Rob Zinkan

This article previously appeared in Inside Higher Ed and it is posted here with permission of the author. “Distinctive” is a popular descriptor in college and university strategic plans. From analyzing more than 150 plans, we’ve seen institutions claim distinctive strengths, distinctive academic programs, distinctive co-curricular programs, distinctive teaching and learning, a distinctive student experience, a distinctive…Read more

Webinar: Modern Strategic Planning: Committing to DEIB in a Continuing Climate of Challenge

written by Aimee Hosemann

In 2023, institutions of higher education are talking about and planning for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, even in an era of increased scrutiny and challenge to these vital efforts. In RHB’s 2023 round of strategic planning research, we’ve followed up with institutions we met during our 2020 research and examined DEIB language and goals…Read more

Transcript: Modern Strategic Planning: Committing to DEIB in a Continuing Climate of Challenge

written by Aimee Hosemann

On November 1, Aimee Hosemann and Rob Zinkan hosted a webinar about RHB’s latest strategic planning research. They cover the third installment, Committing to DEIB in a Continuing Climate of Challenge, from a three-installment research report on modern strategic planning. A recording of the webinar is also available. ·  ·  · Transcript Rob Zinkan Well…Read more