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Getting Ready for the College Board’s New Connections Feature and What It Means for Search

written by Ken Anselment

Starting this fall, the way institutions will engage with student records available through the College Board will expand beyond direct-to-student “search” to an additional method called Connections. RHB is here to decode what it means for you and how we can help you maximize your institutional effectiveness in this new environment.  Like many of you,…Read more

Preventing a Case of the Mondays: How to Engage and Retain Staff in the Face of the Great Resignation

written by Rosa Arroyo Driggers

There are thousands of movies based on the lives of workers and the workplace. One of my favorite workplace movies is Office Space, a clever comedy written and directed by Mike Judge in 1999. We all love a good story about a talented employee that Eurosteps their boilerplate job description and asks more from leadership…Read more

Why You Should Attend RHB Academy

written by Josh Henry

There are many ways to Slate, and the best way to Slate is to Slate together. Likewise, there are many ways to learn, and one of the best ways to learn is through in-person, hands-on instruction. RHB is excited to offer you an opportunity to do both. RHB is pleased to announce that we will…Read more

Through The Looking-Glass: A Data Sharing Reflection for Slate.org

written by Erin Gore

’Tis the application and decision season for admissions. Your undergraduate admission office may be prepping for the first round of decision release while simultaneously completing applications for the next regular decision round. This is the moment that culminates in learning more about the students you met on the road—their stories, ambitions and desire to invest…Read more