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Technology vs. Intelligence: Which one should your institution invest in?

April 26, 2017

written by Kirk Donlan

As we bring technology deeper into the fold of higher ed, we find wonderful applications for it, particularly when applied to recruitment. Whether it’s a CRM, a CMS or even a financial aid calculator, technology has done its fair share of connecting more students to more institutions. It’s true that, except when cost prohibitive, the tech…Read more

Avoid these 10 claims when describing your institution.

April 25, 2017

written by Rick Bailey

Since 1991, we’ve had the opportunity to visit and conduct work on many college campuses. In doing so, we’ve been exposed to a lot of talking points used by various institutions in their communication strategy. In other words, we’ve likely heard it all. As part of our marketing positioning studies to help our clients achieve…Read more

Analyzing Higher Education Presidential Perspectives

April 18, 2017

written by Rick Bailey

Always curious to learn more about how higher education administrators think and lead, I was eager to dive into the 2017 Inside Higher Ed Presidents Survey conducted by Gallup. Our engagement in studying presidents’ views on marketing in the 2016 Independent College Presidents Survey we conducted in collaboration with The Lawlor Group heightened my interest in…Read more

Imagine the Video: The University of the Immediate Future (Part I)

written by Sam Waterson

Welcome to another entry in our Imagine the Video series: all the insight and substance of a long-form video interview packaged into an easily-consumed, informative read. We give you the content, you imagine the rest. (Click here to read our previous entry.) In this episode, Rick and Sam are on opposite sides of the country when a check-in phone call…Read more

How to Make a Difference by May 1st: Customer Experience in Higher Ed Deposit Pages

April 12, 2017

written by Alisa Chambers

Creating positive customer experiences is all about reducing negative friction. If, for example, a retailer has a well-designed, intuitive website—this is a positive touchpoint for a customer. If the customer is happy, they’ll be back. If a retailer has a difficult or tedious ordering system—this is a negative touchpoint for a customer. This causes friction; the customer…Read more

Has your institution fallen into a brand trap?

April 5, 2017

written by Sam Waterson

As higher education deepens its embrace of marketing, a wide variety of innovative and successful practices have begun to emerge. On one end of the spectrum you can cite the truly wonderful brand awareness campaigns such as What Will You Fight For? for the University of Notre Dame—an awareness campaign that aligns perfectly with the academic and…Read more

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