The Importance of Delighting Customers: Customer Experience in Higher Education

While the concept of orchestrating customer experiences is not new, the conversation about the design and management of customer experiences in higher education circles has heightened. No doubt, the challenges for developing sustainable models for revenues, enrolling best fit students and engaging relationships with alumni and donors draws attention to the need for exceptional, relationship-building experiences.

Differentiating, consistent and compelling customer experiences confirm your institution’s market position; their repetition creates your brand. Delighting your customers is the best way to ensure you will have sufficient revenue to carry out your mission and realize your vision.

This guidebook about customer experience arises from the conversations we’re having with college and university leaders. We’re asked to help shape experiences that help an institution stand apart from competitors, attract a diverse array of students, shape incoming classes and generate gift income. This topic couldn’t be more timely.

The first entry in the guidebook first appeared on among our Insights. We repeat it here because it lays a foundation for understanding the importance of great customer experiences. Following that essay, you will find three worksheets accompanied by content to help you navigate and create your own great customer experiences.

We hope, of course, that this guidebook helps your great cause succeed. And, if we can be of assistance in helping you map customer journeys or design better touchpoints, we welcome your call. We’re ready to assist you.


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Rick Bailey

Rick is the Principal and founding partner at RHB.