When we’re not actively solving higher education challenges, we’re thinking about them.

And writing about them. And reading about them. And talking about them. Collected here are the insights and resources that we’ve developed to help inspire colleges and universities toward greater relevance, including blog posts, white papers, presentations, videos and worksheets.

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What a Customer Experience Manager Does (And Why You Need One On Your Campus)

May 23, 2023

written by Ken Anselment

Over the course of my first year here at RHB, I have been going through our vast library of Insights articles to tap into the best thinking of my RHB colleagues over the three decades (and more) that RHB has been providing expert counsel to our clients. The article below strikes me as particularly evergreen,…Read more

What Are We Talking About When We Talk About “Student Success”? 

April 25, 2023

written by Ken Anselment

Earlier this year, a bunch of us on Team RHB were having a lively conversation in our multi-time zone Zoombox about RHB’s growing student success practice, when our president, Sam Waterson, paused the conversation and asked the question posed in the title of this article. “It reminds me of ‘peacekeeping missiles’,” said the eponymous founder…Read more

Strategic Planning: Leading With Authenticity and Strategy

April 20, 2023

written by Aimee Hosemann

What’s the difference between visionary and hallucinatory leadership during a strategic planning process? How can a leader best incorporate their own goals and ambitions for their institution with the vision other community members have—and with reality? In a webinar on April 12, RHB Vice President for Marketing Leadership Dr. Rob Zinkan and I discussed eight…Read more

Slate for Student Success

March 24, 2023

written by Jolene Monson

Technolutions’ Slate software is built for admissions, but the system is highly customizable and can be used for more than just admitting students. You can build processes in Slate that help you manage advising, academic standards investigations and appointments with the career services team. All these activities would be considered “Slate for Student Success,” which…Read more

Ethnography in Higher Ed: How RHB’s Ethnographic Approach Leads to Institutional Empowerment

March 23, 2023

written by Aimee Hosemann

Late last fall, we published an Insight in which I discussed some connections between marketing and anthropology that would be the subject of a paper I co-authored with RHB’s Rob Zinkan to be delivered at the American Anthropological Association conference. The point of our paper was that anthropology and marketing share the goal of understanding…Read more

The “Design Squiggle” and Crafting an Experience in Slate

February 14, 2023

written by John Michael Cuccia

Shortly after her start at RHB, my colleague Erin Gore shared with all of us a gnarly-looking illustration: (The Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman, Titled The Design Squiggle, it looks quite a bit like the signatures I saw from students in my prior work in secondary education: adolescents more familiar with the…Read more

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