When we’re not actively solving marketing challenges in higher ed, we’re thinking about them.

And writing about them. And reading about them. And talking about them. Collected here are our insights and resources into all things related to higher education marketing, including white papers, presentations, videos, audio files, worksheets and the RHBlog.

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Getting Real About Population Decline

July 15, 2019

written by Rick Bailey

You’ve likely read Nathan Grawe’s Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018). If you’re an RHB client and part of the RHB book club, you should have read your copy by now. You perhaps have lost a few nights’ sleep over the data he presents. For some, the reality of…Read more

Holding On During the Summer

June 27, 2019

written by Rick Bailey

The summer is flying by. Besides hoping those deposited students show up at registration or orientation, what are you doing to ensure they all show up this fall? Realizing the overdone-ness of this analogy, I intend to use it to make a point. Don’t rule me out yet. The process of recruitment has load of similarity…Read more

Dealing with Dissenters

June 26, 2019

written by Rick Bailey

Change is good, right? Then why is it that new ideas and fresh approaches are met with disapproval? We’ve had opportunity to observe hundreds of campus communities in our work. Our site visits allow us deep familiarity with many campuses enabling us to note with confidence that no campus is without its share of dissidents,…Read more

Decoding the Enrollment Marketing Budget

June 25, 2019

written by Sam Waterson

Most enrollment leaders struggle with precision when planning an enrollment marketing budget. The marketing cost to acquire a particular class is indeed calculable, but only if the institution is prepared to measure individual marketing initiatives. And while there may be a great deal of certainty about the divisional budget as a whole, when it comes…Read more

A Guide to the 2019 Slate Innovation Summit

June 12, 2019

written by Alex Williams

This year marks my fifth Slate Innovation Summit. I think that gets me a pin. Five years ago I was just a few months in to working at Technolutions and nervous about meeting my first clients in person (mostly because I was relatively new and didn’t want to be put on the spot to answer…Read more

Reconciling “the Numbers” and Market Positioning Progress

May 17, 2019

written by Sam Waterson

For most institutions, May represents early returns, to say nothing of frantic or disciplined refreshing of reports to reveal the evidence of the size and shape of the class that may be on campus in the fall. “How are the numbers?” memes abound, making light of the fact that “the numbers” to most only mean…Read more

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