When we’re not actively solving higher education challenges, we’re thinking about them.

And writing about them. And reading about them. And talking about them. Collected here are the insights and resources that we’ve developed to help inspire colleges and universities toward greater relevance, including blog posts, white papers, presentations, videos and worksheets.

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Discovering and owning your institutional truth: A daring and essential act of vulnerability

August 4, 2023

written by Ryan Millbern

Finding out the truth about who you are is a daring act of vulnerability. It is in large part an excruciating inner journey—a cataloging of flaws and shortcomings, a confrontation of insecurities and fears. Even the positive insights you gain from this exercise can be read as deficits: an identification of the contour of your…Read more

A conversation on strategic planning and the future of the CMO role

July 21, 2023

written by Rob Zinkan

RHB vice president for marketing leadership Rob Zinkan recently joined the Higher Ed Demand Gen Podcast hosted by Shiro Hatori. Rob and Shiro discuss RHB’s research on strategic planning and explore how the CMO role can continue to evolve in higher education. Take a listen to Episode 55. The transcript is below ·  ·  ·…Read more

Transport yourself with RHB’s annual summer reading list

July 14, 2023

written by Rob Zinkan

This year, we’ve got some summer reading picks that have some heft to them and capture a broad array of interests. With two doctoral students represented among our pickers here, we’re excited to show off what they’re working on and pondering at the same time we give you some options for thinking about how music…Read more

Managing Slate’s Changes Regarding Race and Ethnicity Data

July 12, 2023

written by Erin Gore

If you’re using Slate for your admissions and enrollment processes, you may have noticed that, as of July 12, race and ethnicity data that had been stored in the standard Slate race and ethnicity fields (e.g., race, hispanic) are no longer being displayed on the person record, the Reader or Slate application PDFs. This was…Read more

The Supreme Court’s Ruling in the SFFA Cases Against Harvard and UNC

June 30, 2023

written by Ken Anselment

We knew this was coming, but—much like waiting for a loved one in declining health to pass away—when the expected event finally arrives, it can shock, sadden or anger. Thus landed the United States Supreme Court’s ruling to eliminate race as a factor in how colleges, specifically Harvard and the University of North Carolina at…Read more

The Missing Element in CMO Position Descriptions and Roles

June 27, 2023

written by Rob Zinkan

This article previously appeared in Inside Higher Ed and it is posted here with permission of the author. Nearly every position description for a vice president for advancement or chief advancement officer includes some reference to building a culture of philanthropy. No equivalent exists for marketing. As a result of this void, higher education marketing matures at…Read more

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