We are experts at uncovering answers to higher ed’s biggest marketing questions.

RHB is constantly perfecting the research methodologies that we know deliver the best results for higher education. Coherence, our guiding principle, emphasizes nurturing two-way understanding and loyalty between institutions and their key constituencies. This type of understanding is only developed when an institution knows, clearly, both who it is and who its audiences are.

Three critical questions inform all our work:

    Question One

    What are we?

    To answer this, we employ our signature research methodology, Circles of Influence. Designed specifically to explore the relationships and experiences that define student life on a college campus, a Circle operates as the inverse of a focus group. Circles encourage organic conversation between diverse participants, uncover authentic institutional language and provide insight into what makes a place distinctive.

    Question Two

    What do we say we are?

    To answer this, we perform a Coherence Inventory, or audit, of a client’s existing communication strategies and tools. Our team of writers, designers and strategists carefully examines all materials with an eye toward what’s working well and what might be improved. We also use this opportunity to perform some competitive market analysis on behalf of our clients–what are they doing that others aren’t? How does their story differ from that of their peers?

    Question Three

    What do others say we are?

    To answer this question and discover what external perceptions exist in the market, we design and conduct surveys and focus groups. We also offer the RHB Diagnostic, an initial engagement that involves a brief site visit and a review of curated materials, affording an outside perspective on an institution’s challenges and opportunities.

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