We have a particular set of strategic skills.

Our deep experience in higher education has shaped the way we find solutions. In our past lives, we worked as admissions officers, board members, marketers, communications managers, administrators and faculty at institutions of higher learning across the country. As a team, we have worked with public and private, independent and religiously affiliated, coeducational and single-gender colleges and universities that range in size from 100 to 40,000 students. This lends a distinctive and nuanced perspective to our work, which is purposeful, informed and—always—driven by strategy.


We are experts at helping institutions define and articulate their market positions. We draw on our purposeful research methodologies, deep knowledge of the higher ed landscape and skill with competitive analysis to help institutions like Earlham College, Northwest Nazarene University, the Indiana University School of Education and the University of Miami identify their distinctive places and communicate their compelling advantages.


Once we have identified an institution’s one true place in the universe, we develop thoughtful and deliberate strategies that ensure the right messages reach the right audiences at the right times. In concert with exceptional data analysts and predictive modelers, RHB has developed recruitment, yield, advancement and communication strategic plans for a wide range of colleges and universities. Our proven skill at designing, charting and helping institutions navigate customer journeys results in robust fundraising, increased enrollment and classes populated by best-fit students. For Slate clients, our in-house mastery of the tool means the custom strategies developed just for your institution can be implemented natively with precision. This results in strategy and tactics that get to marketing more quickly and effectively.

Management Consulting

When an institution comes to us with questions about behavior, organization and implementation—i.e. management questions—we draw on the expertise of people we like to think of as our “managementors.” Our principal, Rick Bailey and our vice president and creative director, Sam Waterson, in addition to two of the country’s leading enrollment professionals, Joyce Luy and Dan Saracino, provide our clients with unparalleled counsel relating to long-range planning, visioning and administrative structuring. We have often been called upon to help institutions, such as Spring Arbor University, rethink their management structures and improve their organization in order to better serve internal and external audiences.