Make search more relevant, affordable and seamless: bring it in-house on your campus.

For some enrollment managers the notion of executing search with in-house resources isn’t necessarily novel. For others, the idea is new, but the thought of taking on such a workload is daunting enough to sweeten the appeal of going to a third party specialist to begin the higher ed sales cycle.

To be clear, search is not irrelevant (most institutions outside of the top 50 or so still need to introduce themselves to families). How we have been deploying and measuring search is. And certainly how much institutions invest in external sources needs to be re-evaluated. As an example of a shift in how we measure search, a very large firm recently advised one of our clients to measure the response to search by the number of click-throughs on an email appeal. This may seem like a slight distinction between clicking through on an email and filling out a form to indicate interest, but in my mind it’s a concession that the inquiry phase of the recruitment communication flow is less important than it ever has been.

This has led RHB to counsel our clients through the process of running search themselves which, by our estimation, helps them reduce their outside costs by as much as 50% in their first year and 75% in the second.

Here are the ingredients they need:

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Sam Waterson

Sam is the Executive Vice President and Creative Director at RHB.