Best Practices for Campaigns in Slate: An Interview with Alex Williams

Configuring email campaigns in Slate can be difficult, but doesn’t have to be. Whether you are at the start of an implementation or nearing the close of your most recent build-out, there are pivotal tactics and strategies that can significantly streamline your enrollment marketing process. You can maximize key data points and leverage Slate’s many tools and modules while building campaigns that are efficient and effective. In our work with clients, we are frequently asked about the most innovative and creative strategies for building and configuring email campaigns in Slate, especially when it comes to creative content development, deliverability and performance indicators for successful campaigns. Our Vice President for Marketing Integration, Alex Williams, recently sat down with our lead designer and developer, Alisa Chambers, to talk about the major pain points that colleges and universities experience when they produce campaigns in Slate.


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Alisa Chambers

Alisa is a designer and front-end developer at RHB.