What a Customer Experience Manager Does (And Why You Need One On Your Campus)

Customer experience is nothing new, of course, but the idea of managing customer experience has seen increased favor in recent years. Knowing that your brand is built on the impressions you make or have on individuals heightens the importance of their encounters with you. While it’s relatively easy to control the messages you send in digital and print communications, trying to manage all the touchpoints with customers becomes a heftier proposition. The greeting of a receptionist answering the phone, a smile from a student walking across campus, the manner in which a professor lectures, the quality of the campus landscaping, or the availability of parking for visitors all shape perceptions and customer impressions. Yet these “experiences” are often well out of any marketer’s control. At best, preferred standards can be established and communicated; and these standards can be taught and managed to a degree.

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Rick Bailey

Rick is the Principal and founding partner at RHB.