Building and Training a Great Campus Slate Team

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Coherent teams are necessary for companies and projects to be successful. Having the opportunity to work with many teams in their implementation of Slate in higher education, I’ve had the chance to see what teams work well and where teams can be improved. While not every institution has the staff resources to build a large team, and some implementations fall entirely to one person, I’ve found that implementation teams excel with the right combination of personas, as well.

As you build your campus team to manage your Slate instance, I encourage you to download this guidebook that identifies four important personas you’ll need to be successful. You’ll want to look for a philosopher who will take a big picture view and ask the essential why questions as you build your instance. The architect will synthesize the answers to questions to draw a blueprint to guide your buildout. You’ll need at least one tech-savvy maker on your team to configure your instance with precision. And you’ll need a professor to teach others how to use your Slate instance effectively and efficiently.

Each of these roles plays an important part in the success of an implementation. You might find that there are individuals on your team who are both philosopher and maker or professor and architect. Maybe you have one person who is everything. Regardless of the composition, considering these four personas as you build your implementation team and how individuals will work together toward the mission of bringing your system live will pay dividends toward the success of the project.

Once you have your team in place, your investment in training your team to know the capacity of the CRM and to understand the processes as well as to work together, to coordinate efforts and build on one another’s strengths ensures your best outcomes in utilizing Slate. Training packages from RHB assure you of tailored training for your team on site with only your team addressing your instance. Learn more about these services by reading the guidebook.

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Rick Bailey

Rick is the Principal and founding partner at RHB.