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How to Structure Your Higher Ed Marketing Department for the Future

written by Rick Bailey

If you’ve been reading our recent insights or if you’ve reviewed takeaways from our study on higher education strategic planning, you may already be aware of our research suggesting, while institutions have embraced marketing as a vital means of promotion, the embrace of marketing to aid in new program development or signature experiences is still…Read more

What Makes a Strategic Plan “Strategic”?

written by Rob Zinkan

In an effort to better understand the dynamics and components of strategic plans across higher ed, we undertook a detailed study of more than 100 active strategic plans. The study endeavored to capture a current plan from one private and one public four-year institution in each state, whenever possible. This executive summary is designed to introduce participants in strategic planning processes to important concepts and actions that lead to effective and collaborative strategic plans.

Making the Most of Your Slate Instance

written by Rick Bailey

Ensuring that you are maximizing your investment in your Slate instance requires regular examination to determine if your configuration and processes are meeting best-practice standards. The RHB Slate Diagnostic is an excellent place to begin if you are experienced users. To explore the details and benefits of the Slate Diagnostic, we encourage you to download this guidebook…Read more

Building and Training a Great Campus Slate Team

written by Rick Bailey

Coherent teams are necessary for both colleges and universities and projects to be successful. While not every institution has the staff resources to build a large team, and some implementations fall entirely to one person, I’ve found that implementation teams excel with the right combination of personas, as well. As you build your team to manage your Slate instance, I encourage you to download this guidebook that identifies four important personas you’ll need to be successful…Read more

Slate Implementation on Your Campus Precisely–and Quickly

written by Rick Bailey

You’ve decided to invest in Slate. What will it take to be up-and-running and make fast progress toward being able to use it? In this guidebook, Alex Williams introduces you to the big questions surrounding your implementation. Download this guidebook for a closer look at five important questions to consider before you make your investment in a new CRM. You’ll also discover how an expedited implementation may be a good solution for you…Read more

The Importance of Delighting Customers: Customer Experience in Higher Education

written by Rick Bailey

While the concept of orchestrating customer experiences is not new, the conversation about the design and management of customer experiences in higher education circles has heightened. No doubt, the challenges for developing sustainable models for revenues, enrolling best fit students and engaging relationships with alumni and donors draws attention to the need for exceptional, relationship-building…Read more

How Sick is Your Brand?

written by Rick Bailey

Is your brand sick? No, I mean sick. Are you victimized by your ill, ailing brand? What are the signs and symptoms? How do you know if you have one? Quick. Download this ebook to complete your own self-diagnosis and gain insight to what you can do to be healthy. Read more

Create Your Own Audience Chart

written by Rick Bailey

This includes a downloadable asset. Clients often ask us how to establish priorities when it comes to audiences. This makes sense as there are so many audience clusters surrounding any given college or university. You know it may be impossible to reach everyone all the time with your messaging and honestly, you don’t want to.…Read more