Slate Implementation on Your Campus Precisely–and Quickly

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You’ve decided to invest in Slate for your campus. What will it take to be up-and-running and make fast progress toward being able to use it? In this guidebook, Alex Williams introduces you to the big questions surrounding your implementation.

Through its Launchpad and Summit schedule, Technolutions offers a variety of excellent resources—including your Technolutions consultant—to start using your instance of Slate. Your participation in these events will equip you to be a stronger Slate user and provide you and your team with the tools to move forward. If you’d like to speed up the process, however, RHB offers personalized attention to implement your Slate instance in as few as six weeks, though we’ll match the process to your own pace. The advantage is that you’ll be making use of Slate right away.

Still, to ensure the best implementation possible, you have serious thinking and planning to do. You’ll have to determine who on your campus needs to be involved in selecting a CRM solution. Who are the stakeholders in your investment? You’ll also need to give thought to what you want and what you are buying in your CRM. What are you hoping to achieve? Another significant question to answer is when you intend to implement a new system. When is the best time of year for you and your team on your campus to switch to a new CRM? Consider too the place(s) of your configuration. Where will implementation take place—on site or online? And where do you want your Slate instance to take you? The really big question to ask yourself is why you want to switch to a new CRM? Your motivation for change allows you an opportunity to ask deep questions about your goals and expectations.

Download this guidebook for a closer look at the important questions and to discover how an expedited implementation may be a good solution for you.

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Rick Bailey

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