Why You Should Attend RHB Academy

There are many ways to Slate, and the best way to Slate is to Slate together. Likewise, there are many ways to learn, and one of the best ways to learn is through in-person, hands-on instruction. RHB is excited to offer you an opportunity to do both.

RHB is pleased to announce that we will be hosting our second annual RHB Academy this year in advance of the Slate Summit in Nashville. Last year, 135 members of the Slate community came together at the first RHB Academy to participate in instruction and strategy sessions led by our Slate and Related Technology team. This year’s event takes place on the morning of Wednesday, May 31, and we will be gathering 160 members of the Slate community and our team of Slate experts to connect and learn.

There are many reasons why attending RHB Academy is a wise investment in your professional development and why you should attend RHB Academy.

Hands-On Experience

Each course offered at RHB Academy will provide attendees with a chance to complete guided activities led by RHB instructors. Throughout the experience there will be a heavy focus on building in Slate. Courses will deliver content that is relevant to your work and you’ll leave Academy with assets created in a Clean Slate environment that you can export via suitcase or use as models to implement new processes in your own database.

Expert Insights

In addition to building, members of our expert Slate and Related Technology team will share the strategies and best practices that support our builds. You’ll enjoy access to our collective experience and Slate knowledge that we have acquired implementing, managing and innovating Slate for a wide range of uses.

A Robust Menu

Course topics for this year’s RHB Academy cover a wide range of Slate functionality. We’ll be discussing drip marketing and recruitment travel management, querying and reporting, application management and review process, rules and portals, user training and more. As an attendee you’ll be able to select three courses in as similar or different focus areas as you like. Simply put, we’re offering courses that will benefit you no matter your role and how you use Slate.

Configurable Joins, Configurable Joins, Configurable Joins…

Have you heard of configurable joins? By now we know you have. They’re no longer the future of querying in Slate, they are Slate’s present–and not just in the query tool. Every course offered at RHB Academy will include instructional content using configurable joins. Whether it’s building subquery filters in queries, concatenating subquery exports in reports or creating tailored joins in staff assignment rules, RHB Academy courses will illustrate how configurable joins can and should be used to enhance your work in Slate.


The day before the official start of the Slate Summit conference has long been hallmarked by pre-conference instruction. The memories of engaging with members of the Slate community and providing in-person guidance on the best uses of Slate are among my fondest as a former Technolutions employee. I’m proud to now call RHB my home, and even prouder that we are leading the way in keeping the tradition of pre-Summit training alive.   

We hope you are as excited for Summit and for the opportunity to level up your Slate skills as we are! Learn more about RHB Academy and register today.

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